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The Camden Social: New venue brings sass and swank to the 4th!

'Swanky' how the Mayfields describe their new venture, Camden Social. The hot new restaurant that opened in August. An ode to the speakeasies and lounges of old, the Camden Social brings new flavor - with a twist - to the 4th ward!

After months of planning, preparation, delays - and a few naysayers - the Camden Social opened to rave reviews from patrons - including a few regulars of the former tavern that precedes it. The Mayfields purchased the business and created the vibe they felt was missing from the Twin Cities' social scene.

"It started with Allure, the development of the cigar business" says Kathryn. "The whole desire to create spaces for us, vibes and experiences when we travel...that we weren't seeing a lot of here."

Drawing inspiration from their travels, and one of a few local hot spots, like Tryg's, a now-shuttered popular restaurant in the Lake Bde Mke Ska area in the mid-2000's, the Mayfields decided after living in the Twin Cities for the past 20 years, it was time to change the narrative.

Since opening, the business has maintained a steady flow, citing their chicken wings - a favorite of former tavern patrons - and the 'Ova North' - a Hennessy/Lemonade cocktail, as some of their more popular items. Patrons are floored from the moment they come through the doors, with private party requests exceeding expectations.

"Their jaws drop from the moment they walk through the door until they leave," says Fonzie Mayfield, co-owner. "From the food, service..the vibe. They don't pick it back up until they leave!"

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, the Camden Social is open Wednesday through Sunday, offering a Jazz brunch. They plan to launch a happy hour and other specialties in the coming weeks.

The Camden Social has brought a level of down-home sophistication to an otherwise, quiet industrial area of Camden. They're excited to contribute to the community development and vitality that 4th Ward residents have longed for.

"People shouldn't have to leave their neighborhood to access these things".

We couldn't agree more!

The Camden Social

4601 N Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412

(612) 489-8073

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